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Boxton Community Health, LLC (BCH) are community-based healthcare clinics that specializes in providing comprehensive care, case management, and a standardized level of health service for individuals living with HIV. Our services appeal to people needing additional resources in infectious disease control, sexually active people, and people needing infectious disease medications.


We are a responsive and dedicated clinic for infectious disease management with expertise channeled towards proper and better containment of HIV/AIDS within our wider global community. The health and wellness of people remain our priority as we continue working toward a healthy and safe community where successfully treat HIV and control its spread through creating awareness, accurate testing, and state of the art treatment.


As your partner in building and establishing an HIV free community, our goal is geared towards making high-quality and exceptional facilities accessible in order to maximize the care for each patient. We aim to promote the value of HIV counseling and testing as a primary prevention tool by incorporating testing into a continuum of supportive services designed to help HIV- negative individuals to maintain good health and to avoid behaviors that could escalate the spreading of the virus.

Come see us today for HIV Testing and STD Testing!

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